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The 3-step strategy to minimize downtime and streamline IT operations

Harnessing the power of unified IT analytics for reduced service downtime and improved operational efficiency


Modern IT infrastructures are complex, making it difficult for IT leaders to maximize uptime while delivering exceptional performance. This impedes their ability to optimize efficiency, reliability, and resilience in IT operations.

A crucial yet overlooked solution is tracking and optimizing key incident metrics, like mean time between failures (MTBF). Closely tracking MTBF helps identify the root causes of downtime, mitigate underlying issues, and improve service availability. However, the constant emphasis on SLA compliance, alert mitigation, and cost reduction makes it challenging for IT teams to focus on strategies that improve overall efficiency.

This webinar explores a three-step analytics-driven approach to simplify MTBF optimization, empowering NOC teams to enhance operational efficiency and reliability and deliver seamless user experiences.

This webinar will cover:

  • Establishing an effective preventive maintenance plan to reduce the impact of downtime
  • Identifying and eliminating devices that cause frequent downtime
  • Analyzing the patterns in alarms to identify common root causes and proactively addressing them to ensure seamless business operations

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Analytics Plus has helped increase our service desk productivity and overall responsiveness. We are now able to respond to incidents and service requests faster, resolve more requests, and continuously improvise our processes."

David Whitfield, IT customer services manager, F4 IT Services