Endpoint privilege management

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Privileges within an organization are typically split between two basic levels of hierarchy in an enterprise: standard users and administrators. Domain Administrators are usually given the highest level of privilege with the ability to both modify and gain access to all standard user machines, where as local administrators have complete access to that their particular endpoint and the data within it. Administratrors in general also have exclusive privileges to run certain applications with elevated privileges.

Now imagine that a standard user needs to run an application that works only in administrator mode. Traditionally, enterprises would just provide this user with admin credentials or elevate the entire organizational-level privilege of that particular user, however, this would not only give them access to that particular application, but also to all the top-level privileges the admin has.

In an ideal cyber-crime-free world, this would be fine. However, recent research reveals that out of all the security breaches that occurred in 2018, a whopping  34 percent of them were due to insider attacks, which highlights how risky granting admin credentials to just any standard user is. So, what can admins do instead? ManageEngine Application Control Plus essentially solves this crisis with it's built-in endpoint privilege management solution.

What is endpoint privilege management?

Endpoint privilege management is the process of governing privileges so that admin privileges aren't excessively distributed among users. This prevents users from exploiting functions beyond their requirements, which is a common risk of elevating the entire user account privilege. With 80 percent of security breaches involving privileged credentials, endpoint privilege management is crucial for effective security. If an attacker gets their hands on a set of privileged credentials, they would be able to access all the endpoints present in your organization in no time, easily stealing data or injecting malware.

How does Application Control Plus' Endpoint Privilege Management work?

The admin can group all the applications that require to be 'Run As Administrator' into a Privileged Applications List. This list can be associated with custom groups, containing users who require privileged access to those particular applications. Once this policy is deployed, only the users in those custom groups will be able to run the applications present in the Privileged Application List as administrators. 

Create Privileged Application List

Endpoint Privilege Management- Create Privileged Application List

Enable Privileged Access

Endpoint Privilege Management- Enabling Privileged Access

Admins can also both whitelist and blacklist applications with the highest level of security and customization possible. 

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