ManageEngine Products for Application Management

As enterprise and e-business applications become more and more integral to the operation of the modern enterprise, ensuring the availability of these mission-critical applications has become a major challenge. Manageability has become a major requirement for both in-house and third-party applications. Enterprises are increasingly demanding integrated management tools from their vendors.

ManageEngine enables enterprises as well as application vendors to adopt open, standards based, integrated management solutions for a wide set of their customers using the ManageEngine JMX (Java Management Extensions) agent based application management software products. ManageEngine application management software is the best answer to provide an open solution that integrates with the enterprise management consoles in use today. ManageEngine application management products fully support the new generation of internet applications that have embraced new software architectures and platforms of the internet age. ManageEngine products with their Java and web based technologies support the rigorous demands of internet application developers such as the rapid application development environment, time-to-market, scalability, business-critical, and cost-effective infrastructure to support a large number of clients, or ever-increasing data gathering and warehousing requirements.

ManageEngine has become the industry leader by offering SNMP and JMX compliant Application Management software products. ManageEngine firmly believes in and therefore adopts the open, standards based, solutions approach to manage the evolving complex application infrastructures. The open nature of ManageEngine software and the ability to leverage the high productivity of new technologies, allows application vendors and solution providers full flexibility in tailoring or extending the software to meet their needs.

Current Customers

Application vendors using ManageEngine software include BEA WebLogic, Vitria Technology, TIBCO, Cisco, AAA, British Telecom, and Sempra Energy. ManageEngine Application Management software provides application vendors and solution providers the competitive edge to deliver well-managed solutions to their customers. Numerous application server vendors, application vendors, and solution providers have benefited from ManageEngine Application Management software. For example, BEA WebLogic uses ManageEngine software to make its application server manageable by standard management consoles.

Application Management Product Guide

ManageEngine offers a suite of application management products that are rapidly customizable to meet your requirements quickly. This approach combines the best features of shrink-wrap software with the flexibility of in-house or custom solution development.

Key Features of ManageEngine Application Management Software