5 tips to improve your CSAT (customer satisfaction)
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The health of any organization is closely connected to the efficiency of its IT help desk. However, many organizations don't follow best practices in their help desk operations, which results in low customer satisfaction.

Here is a quick list of IT help desk best practices that will help you be prepared, provide great service, and ensure customer satisfaction. We've collated these practices from our conversations with industry leaders. We'll look at how two IT technicians, Rob and Jeni, handle the various help desk tickets that come their way.

Document and Archive Incidents for Effective Incident Management

IT help desk best practices

Merely stating closed or fixed doesn't resolve the incident for customers. You'll need to explain in detail the resolution process. Then, you can include the process as a knowledge base article so that it can be referred to in the future.

Listen to customers and Act on Feedback

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Throughout the incident life cycle, notify your customers through automatic email alerts. Solicit their feedback before closing the incident to ensure effective resolution and enhance your relationship with customers.

Route Incidents to the Right Technicians to Speed Up Resolution

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Configure business rules and auto-route tickets to the right technicians based on their expertise. This will ensure SLA compliance, improve business productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Schedule Periodic Service Request Reports to Reduce IT Expenses

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Scheduling periodic audit reports provide in-depth information like rarely used assets, unused software, compliance reports, and even prohibited software in the network. This information will help you make informed and proactive decisions and reduce IT service costs.

Encourage Self-Service Adoption to Minimize Recurrent Incidents

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Creating knowledge base articles and resolution templates will prevent this. You can avoid technicians working on repetitive tasks and to reduce their workload. Making general announcements will keep the customers informed about known issues.

This article was originally published in ManageEngine's blog.

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