Dig deeper into the root cause of IT problems rapidly

Problem management software
Find and solve issues with the problem management module

Nail Underlying Issues in Your IT, Eliminate Recurring Incidents

  • Document symptoms and analyze the impact of problems to mitigate risk.
  • Provide temporary workarounds to ensure service availability until the permanent fix is ready.
  • Identify future incidents and minimize severity.
  • Get a better first time fix rate for your service desk through efficient error control.
  • Proactively identify and fix issues before users experience any issues using the problem management module.

Reduce Incident Volumes and Service Desk Burden

  • Make announcements on problems and avoid duplication of incident tickets.
  • Maintain known error records and enable users to search for them in the self-service portal.
  • Enable technicians to close a problem and trigger an automatic closure of all linked incidents.
  • Publish an effective knowledge base articles on resolved problems for future reference.
  • Identify problem trends with insightful, easy-to-generate reports and come up with permanent solutions.
Agile problem management software
Eliminate incidents by documenting the impact, symptoms and the root cause analysis
Root cause analysis
Take a methodical approach to eliminating issues by integrating incident, problem and change management

Integrate Problem Management with Other ITSM Processes

  • Work in tandem with other ITSM processes like incident, change, and asset management to ensure a high availability of your IT infrastructure.
  • Log problems from incidents and link similar incidents to the problem.
  • During problem analysis, acquire critical asset-related information and view relationships in the CMDB.
  • Initiate a new change from within a problem when a permanent fix is identified.

One of the key things that we like about the problem management module is that if you have 100 incidents, you can close the problem and it will shoot the closure notification for each incident. I think that's awesome.

James Arnold, service desk manager, Manhattan Associates

*According to the Forrester TEI report

Manage IT Problems and Ensure Better Service Availability

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