User satisfaction surveys

Gather end-user feedback and
improve your service delivery
Help desk customer satisfaction survey
Create and schedule custom user surveys to get feedback from your end users

    Automatically send custom surveys to end users. Learn how your help desk is performing.

  • Create custom surveys for end users in minutes with a flexible drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Get the right information from users using ratings, opinion scales, yes or no questions, radio buttons, and other types of questions.
  • Target specific audiences based on request parameters like priority, category, and department. Send surveys in multiple languages.
  • Schedule surveys based on custom frequencies, or automatically send surveys after a certain number of tickets are closed.
  • Generate reports on user survey results—including individual or multiple surveys—to easily assess the performance of your help desk.

    Leverage Zoho Survey to craft complex survey workflows with ease. Design templates, define rules to trigger surveys, and build custom logic.

  • Create unique survey templates and define rules to trigger them for different scenarios.
  • Choose from over 25 types of questions in a drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Guide your requesters through a dynamic survey form by hiding or displaying questions based on preset conditions.
  • Gain valuable insights by diving deep into survey responses within Zoho Survey.
  • Optimize your surveys for both mobile devices and desktop computers by previewing them across platforms.
Zoho Survey templates
Build unique templates for surveys and create custom automations to trigger them

With easy import facility, clear classification of articles based on topics, role-based access, and an effective approval to maintain quality, the KBase has helped us deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Dean Bird CEO, My Book It, Australia

Gather end-user feedback and improve your service delivery

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