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Do you like the way IT is run in your company? Do you think it could be better? When you think about change, the first thing you realize is that it means convincing a lot of people. It means having to foot a new bill and totalling all the money you invested in IT management so far. Mostly this line of thinking and shortage of budget kills change, and finally IT remains a hostage.

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Get the change you’ve always wanted now. ManageEngine has an entire range of products to cover your IT needs. We will give you a FREE license swap for products from HP, BMC, CA, and IBM for just the maintenance cost.

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Microsoft SCOM and Service Desk

Businesses have an heterogeneous IT environment with numerous vendors like oracle databases, IBM WebSphere app servers, IBM Servers, Cisco Switches, VMware, Tomcat web server and open source stacks. Microsoft is tuned to work best when you have a Microsoft environment. In most cases, there is a claim to support other vendors but you have to bend backwards to get things working.

Microsoft does not have an out-of-the-box support when it comes to integrating with other vendors.

Let's look at how Microsoft SCOM supports Linux:

  Install SCOM’s Cross Platform management pack (a cumulative pack is available too). Even then, it will cover only basics of CPU, disk and health. You have to probe a little deeper (FAQ 4 ) to learn that you will have to install another pack
Install the Novell SUSE Linux enterprise management pack to get detailed monitoring and management capabilities
Next, if you want IBM AIX monitoring, you might have to install one of the management packs provided by Quest Software.

Oh and I almost forgot — if you want the IBM AIX pack to work, you should have installed QMX Base framework on SCOM.

Microsoft Service Desk is a complicated Six Piece Puzzle

Microsoft approach to Service Desk is very complicated considering we live in world where software is getting stuff done from the word go. A six-piece software installation is the last thing you would need!


No Out-of-the-box support for other software vendors


Complicated installation and maintenance


You also have to deal with the Microsoft Pricing

There is a good possibility that Microsoft will offer a lot of its IT products for free as part of the enterprise agreement. Don’t forget to calculate the cost of feeding and caring for this monstrous software. The pricing will kick in after you get comfortable with it.

From Microsoft to ManageEngine

Switch From To
Microsoft SCOM
ManageEngine OpManager
Microsoft Service Desk
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

HP IT Service Management Software

HP OpenView was the gold standard in Network Management around 20 years back. Peregine was one of the best IT Service Desks available in the market 20 years back.


And then 20 years happened, there were a few technical changes surgically implanted but the ground technology is still twenty years old. The signs of aging shows in the installation, configuration and maintenance.

HP IT Service Management is still Peregrine, in a new skin

ManageEngine is built as a whole to address all the roles. HP’s products are granularly sliced and require a lot of integrations. Several products of HP need to be integrated to accomplish a task which one ManageEngine product can do alone.

Switch From To
HP OpenView NNM
ManageEngine OpManager
HP Service Center
HP Service Desk
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
HP SiteScope
HP Mercury Business Availability Center
ManageEngine Applications Manager
HP Client Automation
ManageEngine Desktop Central


BMC is more of an asset management company than a software company. BMC has acquired successful products and technologies, the products they are known for are always built by someone else. BMC is focused on getting the balance sheet right and makes moves only to please the Wall Street. The technology mess and getting the product pile to work with a single step lock-on is a huge challenge. IT staff should choose software from a vendor who understands IT and builds software with them in mind.

With so many acquired products, their solutions look like a jigsaw puzzle where none of the pieces fit
BMC is all about granular products, complicated Integrations and expensive products.
Requires a lot of customisations, plugin installations and 3rd party add ins, and very expensive to maintain.

Switch From To
BMC MainView
ManageEngine OpManager
BMC Remedy
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
BMC Patrol
ManageEngine Applications Manager
BMC Configuration Management
ManageEngine Desktop Central

Champions of Change

In every company there are a handful of champions who dream to make this better. Who strive to make things better. We are glad you are the champion of change. When you sign up for this program, we’ll give you all the ammunition you need to bring about this change.

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