Scope of management

After successful installation, the first thing you do is to determine the target computers which needs to be managed. Scope of Management is the section in the web console, which allows you to add and remove computers for management purpose. You can manage all the computers which are within the local office and remote locations. Adding all the computers manually is a tiring task, so you can configure your active directory settings, so that the central server will automatically fetch details of the computers that are added/removed from the active directory.


To define the scope of management, follow the steps given below:

  • Click Agent tab
  • Click Active Directory
  • Use the Add Domain button and specify the credentials to add the domain/workgroup
  • Click on Scope of Management
  • Click Add Computers
  • Select the computers that you want to manage using Browser Security Plus
  • Click Add & Install
  • You have added computers to manage using Browser Security Plus.