The interaction between the trusted business applications and untrusted personal sites could lead to accidental data leakage and contact of malware. Especially in Internet Explorer where the number of threats are more, the need to segregate personal and business web-applications is high. To prevent the interaction between the two, Browser Security Plus provides Web Isolation. Web Isolation policy is applicable to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge for 1709 version of windows 10 enterprise edition.

Browser Isolation

Containerize untrusted sites in a virtual browser away from trusted sites with Browser Isolation. Any downloads and browsing activity performed in the container would not affect the enterprise sites opened with the normal browser. This would ensure the security of enterprise data.

How it works:

  1. Navigate to Browser Isolation under Policies from the left tab.
  2. Click on Create Policy button.
  3. Enter the web-applications or the sites group that you trust in your organization and want to open in your regular browser.
  4. Click on the Save & Publish button.
  5. Associate the policy to computers/groups of computers in which you want the isolation of web-applications to take place.
  6. The entered web-applications will be opened in your regular browser, while the remaining web-applications will be opened in a virtual browser.