Browser Lockdown

Internet explorer is prone to a plethora of threats owing to the usage of vulnerable plugins. But Internet Explorer becomes a requirement in organizations in order to render legacy business applications. When that's the case, limiting the access of web-applications to business applications in Internet Explorer reduces the risks associated with the browser. With Browser Lockdown, users will be able to access only the sites and web-apps marked trusted by the IT administrator.

How it works:

  1. Navigate to Browser Lockdown under Policies from the left tab.
  2. Click on Create Policy button.
  3. Enter the web-applications or the sites group that you want to provide access to the end users.
  4. Click on the Save & Publish button.
  5. Associate the policy to computers/groups of computers in which you want to restrict access to web-applications.

A browser kiosk will be rendered with the entered web-applications.