Working with Browser Router

Browser Router is a policy that helps direct legacy web-applications to Internet Explorer, a legacy browser. The policy requires you to enter the legacy web-applications that need to be opened with Internet Explorer. Web-applications can be entered in three ways:

  • Direct entry of the websites/web-applications in the "Apply policy to" field.
  • Selecting site groups in the"Apply policy to" field.
  • Selecting "Yes" for "Send intranet traffic to Internet Explorer" check box.

When do I enter the URLs directly in "Apply policy to" field?

Enter URLs directly into the "Apply policy to" field when the number of URLs is countable and can be manually entered into the field with ease.

When do I select site groups in "Apply policy to" field?

When you want a pre-defined set of sites or web-applications to be directed to Internet Explorer, select the particular site group instead of manually entering the sites into the field.

When do I select "Yes" to "Send intranet traffic to Internet Explorer" check box?

Intranet sites or intranet web-applications usually use old technology that hasn't been updated to the latest HTML5 technology. Route such intranet applications directly to Internet Explorer by selecting "Yes" to "Send intranet traffic to Internet Explorer".