• What are the different browsers that Browser Security Plus can secure and manage?

    Browser Security Plus secures Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers

  • Is Browser Security Plus a cloud solution?

    Browser Security Plus is an on-premises solution that makes use of an agent to perform it's functionalities.

  • Do we need a browser security solution inspite of an antivirus solution?

    A traditional antivirus solution scans the files for malware and blocks harmful files from executing. An antivirus solution works perfectly by removing malware that has already been identified. New variants of malware that aren't part of the malware database will not be identified by such solutions. Browser Security Plus provides a proactive approach to prevent such malware from reaching users' computers by hardening browser settings, isolating unauthorized websites, filtering web traffic based on traffic and allowing usage of trusted browser add-ons.

  • Apart from Windows, can Browser Security Plus be used to secure Linux and Mac endpoints also?

    No, Browser Security Plus is designed to run only on windows computers and laptops.

  • What can ManageEngine Browser Security Plus do?

    Browser Security Plus is your one stop solution to manage and secure enterprise browsers from all browser based threats. Browser Security Plus helps detect the potentially harmful add-ons, isolate untrusted sites away from your default browser, harden browser settings, map browsers and java versions to web applications. You can also establish security standards that need to be followed in an enterprise and detect the computers that are not compliant with the established standards.

  • Why this solution over other firewalls?

    Mobility has enabled users to access work from outside the network. Once the user leaves the network, a traditional firewall solution will not be able to protect enterprise devices from threats that can be contacted outside the network.

  • My free trial expired before I could complete my evaluation of Browser Security Plus. Can I receive an extension?

    Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. During the trial period of 30 days, you can manage an unlimited number of laptops using Browser Security Plus. After the trial period is over, Browser Security Plus automatically switches to the free edition using which you can manage only 25 computers. However, if your trial period is complete and you want to use the software application to manage more than 25 computers contact us. You will receive a temporary license with a validity period to suit your requirements. The transition from the free edition of Browser Security Plus to the temporarily-licensed edition is smooth with no loss of data or configurations.

  • How is Browser Security Plus licensed?

    Browser Security Plus is licensed on an annual-subscription basis depending on the number of computers you want to manage. You can get the price for a specific number of computers from our online store. You may also buy a permanent license by paying an one-time fee. Contact us with the number of computers you want to manage using Browser Security Plus to get a quote from our sales team.

  • Is it possible to use Browser Security Plus to manage computers without installing agents?

    No, Browser Security Plus needs agents to perform any functionality.

  • Is it mandatory for all the managed computers have connection to the internet?

    No, it is not necessary for all the managed computers to have internet connection. However Browser Security Plus server would need connection to the internet in order to download the extensions from the Chrome web store.

  • How does Browser security Plus prevent users from landing on malicious websites?

    Browser Security Plus leverages the settings provided by browser vendors to ensure that users don't land on malicious websites. Safe browsing configuration provided by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and Smart screen filter provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge can help ensure that they can not access harmful websites on the respective browsers. Browser Security Plus leverages these configurations to ensure users' security on the web. Browser Security Plus' phishing filter policy, enables safe browsing and smart screen filter configurations on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer, ensuring users' security while browsing the web. Phishing filter can be enabled from Threat Prevention policy.

  • How does Browser Security Plus classify extensions to be harmful?

    Extensions are similar to mobile applications that we download on mobile phones. Extensions ask the users permissions to access various aspects of the browsers. Once these permissions are given to the extensions, they can get complete hold of the browser. Based on the permissions given, they can read content present in webpages, the credentials entered, browsing history etc. If the reliability of the extension is questionable, the safety of data can not be guaranteed. Browser Security Plus classifies such extensions making use of permissions that could lead to data leaks, as potentially harmful extensions.

  • How does Browser Security Plus classify plugins to be harmful?

    To prevent plugins from questionable sources from being used, plugin vendors introduced the concept of signature. Plugins that are signed by the developer can be considered reliable. Browser Security Plus classifies unsigned plugins to be harmful. In addition to unsigned plugins, plugins that aren't up to date has more chances of having vulnerabilities. Browser Security Plus classifies plugins that aren't signed and those plugins that aren't up to date to be potentially harmful in nature.

  • What are the compliance standards supported by Browser Security Plus?

    Browser Security Plus provides three predefined compliance standards : STIG, CIS and Default Compliance. Default compliance has all the 30 standards provided by Browser Security Plus. IT admins can check the compliance of computers with these predefined standards. He can also create a new compliance policy with standards that his organization mandates and check compliance of computers with the standards defined by him.

  • Are policies applied to users or to machines?

    Policies are applied to the computers/machines on which the agent has been installed on. Inventory details of the current user logged into the machine and the browser will be displayed.

  • How do I verify if my plugins and extensions are up to date?
  • Is it possible to remove unused and harmful plugins using Browser Security Plus?

    Yes, IT admins can remove plugins that are malicious in nature using add-on management feature provided by Browser Security Plus.

  • What is the difference between free edition and professional edition?

    All functionalities are available in both free and professional edition. However, the free edition is available only for 25 devices.