Agent Installation - Install Browser Security Plus Agent using SCCM

How do I install agents in endpoints using SCCM?

To install Browser Security Plus agents using SCCM, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Browser Security Plus console--> Agent and click 'Download Agent.'
  2. Open the downloaded zip folder and copy the files BrowserSecurityPlusAgent.msi and BMPAgentServerInfo.json.
  3. Create a shared folder and assign it the name "BSP_Agent." Paste the .msi and .json files from step 2 into this shared folder.
  4. Download this batch file and place it in the shared folder "BSP_Agent".
  5. Open System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and navigate to Software Library --> Overview--> Application Management -->Packages.
  6. Right click on Packages and select 'Create Packages.'
  7. The 'Create Package and Program Wizard,' will open. Fill in the information (Name, Description, Manufacturer, etc).
  8. sccm-agent-install

  9. Tick the checkbox "This package contains source files" and click "Browse". Select Network path and enter the path of  the shared folder (BSP_Agent) as shown below.
  10. sccm-agent-install

  11. Select Architecture as "x86" and click Next.
  12. sccm-agent-install

  13. Select Program Type as Standard Program and click Next.
  14. sccm-agent-install

  15. In the 'Specify information about this standard program' section, fill in the information, as mentioned in the image and click Next.
  16. sccm-agent-install

  17. No changes are required in the section, "Specify the requirements for this standard program". Click Next.
  18. sccm-agent-install

  19. Confirm the settings and click Next.
  20. sccm-agent-install

  21. The package will be successfully created.
  22. sccm-agent-install

  23. Deploy the package to the computers.

You have now successfully installed agents in target endpoints using SCCM.