When you face issues while working with Browser Security Plus, it is mandatory for our experts to refer to your logs to resolve the issues you are facing. To provide an appropriate solution for your issue, you must send us log files along with a description of the issue and screen shots, depending on the issue. You can follow this document and upload the required logs.


There are two stages in sending the log files, they are:

  1. Extracting the logs
  2. Sending it to Browser Security Plus support

Extracting the logs:

Browser Secuirty Plus server


Note: refers to the directory where the Browser Security Plus server is installed.

Browser Secuirty Plus agent

From the computer, where you have installed the Browser Security Plus agent, perform the following operations:

  1. Go to command prompt and navigate to the location, where Browser Security Plus Agent is installed. For example: C:\Program Files \BrowserSecurityPlus_Agent\bin
  2. Type, bspagenttrayicon.exe -logs and press enter
  3. You can see that the Browser Security Plus logs will be extracted and archived in the BrowserSecurityPlus_Agent folder.
  4. The file will be saved in .7z format, the file name will be 1__ZOHOCORP.7z (Example: 1_win2000_ZOHOCORP.7z)

You can upload/send this log file to the Browser Security Plus support team.