Browser Security Plus service packs

We recommend users to move to the latest version build #11.1.2238.7 (How do I find my Build number?)  

The SHA256 checksum hash value is 83c9b0163717238dba0ff2b78cda3fd76d7a4412b3b12bd47af75e67dd0a4c1b

Migrate from Build 10020,10021.... to Build 11122387
´╗┐Customers using builds 10.1.2119.10 and above can install this hotfix. Customers between 10.0.647 and 10.0.657 need to upgrade to 10.1.2119.10 and then install this hotfix. ´╗┐
Upgrade Pack
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Instructions to apply Service Packs & Hotfixes 

  1. Stop Browser Security Plus through Start --> Services --> ManageEngine Browser Security Plus server --> Stop
  2. Important: Take a backup of the Browser Security Plus installation directory (<Install_Dir>/BrowserSecurityPlus) to avoid any data loss during the upgrade process.

  3. Execute the UpdateManager.bat file present in the <install_dir>/BrowserSecurityPlus/bin
  4. Click 'Browse' and select the .ppm file you have downloaded.
  5. Click 'Install' to install the service pack/hotfix. This may take few minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated.
  6. Wait until the service pack/hotfix is fully installed.
  7. Click 'Close' and then click 'Exit' to exit the Update Manager tool.
  8. Now start Browser Security Plus.

Note: For customers on build below 100647, contact support to move to the latest build.

How do I find my Build number?

  1. Log in to Browser Security Plus web client.
  2. Navigate to Support tab.
  3. You can find the build number at the bottom left of the page.