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Building a resilient cybersecurity strategy for 2019

Innovative technologies and the digitalisation of different business functions offer many advantages, but they also come with higher risks to companies' IT infrastructure. Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated as hackers embrace their own methods of innovation.

Providing privileged access to enterprise data while keeping up with compliance standards-as well as being able to monitor, detect, and preempt possible security incidents on time-should be on the top of every IT team's to-do list for 2019.

Attend ManageEngine's two-part webinar series and learn how to build a foolproof cybersecurity strategy as you embrace innovation this upcoming year.

NOV, 2018
Part 1

Preventing insider threats and
enhancing enterprise mobility


PIM suite marketing

  • Vendor and privileged access management in IT infrastructure
  • An overview of common compliance standards, along with a dedicated use case
  • Best practices for keeping identity management intact

Giridhara Raam

Cybersecurity analyst

  • Proactive security starts by hardening business applications
  • Securing email exchanges to retain business critical information
  • Best UEM practices to enhance enterprise cybersecurity for 2019
NOV, 2018
Part 2

The art of real-time incident
detection and preemption

Siddharth Sharath Kumar

IT security and compliance specialist

  • Understanding the behavior of every cyber-user in this zero-perimeter world
  • Gaining insight into your logs to avoid attacks
  • A look at common compliance regulations
  • An illustrated customer use case on log management

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