Why choose
Log360 Cloud?

ManageEngine Log360 Cloud, a unified cloud SIEM solution with integrated CASB capabilities, helps enterprises secure their networks from cyberattacks. As a SaaS application, the solution is highly scalable and helps drive down infrastructure and storage costs. With its security analytics, threat intelligence, and incident management capabilities, Log360 Cloud helps security professionals spot, prioritize, and resolve threats in both on-premises and cloud environments.

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five   unique benefits of cloud SIEM solutions that Log360 Cloud brings to you

  • 1 Get started with cloud SIEM instantly
  • 2 Leverage the scalability and elasticity of cloud SIEM solutions
  • 3 Reduce up-front costs and maximize your ROI
  • 4 Retain your data securely in the cloud for compliance purposes
  • 5 Focus more on cybersecurity and less on SIEM maintenance

Get started with cloud SIEM instantly

Cloud-native solutions enable quick, hassle-free deployment, an ability that extends to cloud SIEM solutions as well. This saves a considerable amount of time.

Get started with Log360 Cloud in three steps:

    Sign up with a business email address.


    Install agents on your network devices.


    Start using Log360 Cloud right away.

Leverage the scalability and elasticity of cloud SIEM solutions

Organizations are often forced to cut down on their logging due to a lack of storage space—at the cost of security. Cloud SIEM solutions are especially designed to cater to your unique logging requirements.

Whether you are dealing with a temporary increase in log volume or a planned expansion of your network, we have got you covered. With flexible data plans and pricing, Log360 Cloud ensures that your logging requirements are duly met without compromising on network security.

Reduce up-front costs and maximize your ROI

You need not invest in high-end computing resources with a cloud SIEM solution. Since the onus is on the cloud service provider to ensure that their infrastructure accommodates the computing requirements of every organization, cloud SIEM solutions bring you enterprise-class service at a much lower cost.

Log360 Cloud combines this with the advantage of quick deployment, providing you with a solution that comes with much reduced up-front costs and quicker returns.

Retain your data securely in the cloud for compliance purposes

For compliance mandates that require data storage, the usual practice is to compress data and push it to archives. This data can be retrieved as required for either compliance or investigative analysis.

Log360 Cloud stores data in Zoho Cloud, our secure cloud platform, in data centers chosen by you. With capabilities such as easy archival and retrieval, Log360 Cloud ensures your data in the cloud is protected, tamper-proof, and retained for as long as you need.

Focus more on cybersecurity and less on SIEM maintenance

With a cloud SIEM solution, you do not have to spend valuable time on updating, patching, and upgrading your solution with the latest features and security patches. The cloud approach ensures that all new updates are delivered right into your console, saving you from the hassle of constantly checking for service packs and installing them every time.

With automatic updates, Log360 Cloud eliminates this grunt work so your security team can save time and energy to focus more on pressing cybersecurity threats.

What is in Log360 Cloud, ManageEngine's SIEM solution?

  • Aggregate logs from critical devices and securely store them in our cloud platform.
  • Perform security auditing across your on-premises and cloud (AWS) environments.
  • Set up priority-based alerts to detect suspicious activity.
  • Build rule-based alerts for known attacks, indicators of compromise, and more.
  • Perform high-speed searches using SQL-based queries and save them for easy access.
  • Manage incidents by assigning them to technicians and tracking their statuses within the product.
  • Meet compliance requirements for regulatory mandates such as the PCI DSS, FISMA, the GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Get a fully configured threat intelligence module that automatically updates threat data from trusted open-source and commercial threat feeds.