Transform your business with customized solutions

Zoho Creator combines an intuitive UI with guided scripting, making app development effortless. Regardless of the complexity of your requirements or your coding expertise, you can create innovative, custom solutions.

Legacy modernization

Zoho Creator enables you to migrate from legacy systems—be it an enter-pricey ERP solution or a good-old database management system—without any hassle. You can even integrate your Creator app with existing services using reusable and abstract APIs.

Faster time to market

With low-code platforms, you can skip the typical development processes—like creating frameworks, modelling data, and developing user interfaces—and jump right into building the applications. Zoho Creator makes it easier for users to roll out powerful applications faster.

Uncompromising security

In compliance with global standards and industry regulations, Zoho Creator offers comprehensive security features, such as audit logs, user access controls, and automated threat assessment.

Powerful workflow automation

Take advantage of automation and reduce repetitive, manual tasks. Automate processes across departments with built-in features, such as if-then conditions, loops, ready-to-use field actions, form actions, and more.

Share your data securely

With Zoho Creator, you can ensure real-time sharing on any device. All you need to do is use role-based access controls to assign roles to your employees, and then only grant access to the information that’s relevant to their jobs.

Unlock insights with visual analytics

Choose from 40+ report templates to visualize your data, monitor KPIs, and keep track of everything important. Then bring all your critical reports together to create meaningful dashboards and get a quick overview of your business operations.

Easy data integration across platforms

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What our customers say

Diego Cutignola

“With Zoho Creator you don’t have any limitations. You can go as far as your imagination takes you.”

Diego Cutignola

Director, Estudio Cutignola

Shelby Spencer

"Zoho Creator has given us extraordinary agility in the market. Whatever the need, we can build, deploy, and sell it with a relatively tiny go-to-market timeline and cost model. It's the ability to say to any client: 'Yes, we can do that.' That's a superpower."

Shelby Spencer

CTO Briotix

Awards and recognitions

Featured as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, (LCAP), 2020.

Featured as a Technology Leader in the SPARK Matrix for Low-Code Application Development (LCAD), 2020.

Stay productive on the go with native mobile apps

Access and update your data wherever you are with Creator's native iOS and Android apps. View your reports, receive push notifications, scan QR codes, and control form submission with geofencing.

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Simplify application development with Zoho Creator