ManageEngine Endpoint Central MSP 9 Service Pack 1 Readme


Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 90000 and 91002


  1. Desktop Central now supports managing computers running LINUX operating system.
  2. Ability to restrict users from stopping Desktop Central agent service has been introduced.
  3. PostgreSQL has been upgraded to version 9.2.9.
  4. You will now be able to wake up computers prior to installing software and patches.
  5. Desktop Central now supports computers running OS X Yosemite 10.10.
  6. Desktop Central's User Interface is now localized in Turkish, Polish and Spanish and licensing for multi-language pack has been introduced.
  7. Apache used in Desktop Central has been upgraded to version 2.4.10.
  8. Ability to chat online with the "Technical Support Executives" has been introduced.
  9. "IP Scope" feature is now supported for computers running MAC operating system.
  10. Support for Windows 2000 has been Withdrawn
  11. OpenSSL has been migrated to 1.0.1j version.
  12. Ability to add 3rd party SSL certificates, for enabling secured agent-server communication, from the UI has been included.
  13. Ability to view the live status of the Desktop Central agents has been introduced from all computer based views.
  14. Ability to invoke actions like scanning, establishing remote connections, chat sessions, invoking system Manager, etc can be initiated from all computer based views.
  15. Ability to move MAC computers from one remote office to another has been introduced.
  16. Desktop Central Agent is optimized to reduce CPU and memory usage.
  17. Server Certificate space issue has been fixed to avoid the Server startup issue.
  18. System parameter for DB Starup flag is added in updmgr.bat to avoid the mysql startup problem in PPM.
  19. Unauthenticated users were able to modify the "Administrator's credential", this vulnerability has been fixed.
  20. Admin account creation via CSRF attack has been handled
  21. Poodle Vulnerability has been fixed.
  22. CVE-2014-7862 - Vulnerability, which allows unauthorized administrator account creation has been fixed.
  23. Issue in scanning a domain, if the domain name contains special characters has been fixed.
  24. Issue in re-creating a "default administrator" which was deleted, has been fixed.
  25. Issue in backing up Desktop Central database manually has been fixed.
  26. Vulnerability issues in the Desktop Central server has been fixed.
  27. Issue in creating "Dynamic Custom Group" for MSP customers has been fixed.
  28. Distribution Server Apache SSL Communication failed Issue has been Fixed.
  29. While configuring Mail Server Settings, issue in adding an email address which contains "$" symbol in user name has been fixed.
  30. Issue in initiating chat from computers running Windows 8.1 has been fixed.
  31. Issue in creating local admin account using configuration templates has been fixed.
  32. Issue in not suggesting the name of the computers, while using "Advanced Search" option in the Desktop Central console has been fixed.

Inventory Management

  1. Ability to uninstall software from "Inventory" view has been introduced.
  2. Inventory Alerts is now enhanced to send notifications when a specific hardware device is added / removed and when any type of software is installed / unistalled.
  3. Ability to detect Windows Pro with Media Center Edition and Server Standard (evaluation installation) Edition has been introduced.
  4. Issue in loading Software details, under Inventory has been fixed
  5. Ability to detect the Software Architecture as 32 bit and 64 bit for Windows computers has been introduced.
  6. Time taken for Scheduled scanning is now optimized to scan and fetch computer details quicker.
  7. Ability to view comments for every license key which are added, has been introduced.
  8. Issue in sending mail notifications when a prohibited software is installed in the network, has been fixed.
  9. Issue in listing the details of the Prohibited software, when the software is removed from one or more computers has been fixed.
  10. Issue in managing the license of a software group which was modified has been fixed.
  11. Under Inventory, issue in wrongly listing the details of the software, which has been uninstalled from the computer has been fixed.
  12. Issue in fetching Inventory details of Mac Computers has been fixed.
  13. Issue in detecting software installed on user profiles has been fixed.
  14. Serial Number of Mac computers will also be updated to ServiceDesk Plus as its Service Tag
  15. After scanning has been completed, issue in displaying the message as "Scanning In-Progress" has been fixed.
  16. Issue in fetching expiry date for Dell computers, has been fixed.
  17. Issue in configuring Mail Server, from "Prohibited Software" view has been fixed.
  18. Issue in wrongly displaying the model name in place of the owner name in inventory has been fixed.
  19. Issue in generating an empty report, while branch office details are filtered under Inventory > software details view, has been fixed
  20. Issue in wrongly displaying the software installation time under computer's history tab has been fixed.
  21. Issue in generating Custom Group details under "Computer view" in "All Patches" page has been fixed


  1. Ability to clone the configuration with the target status as "Yet to Apply" has been introduced.
  2. Notification have been enabled for configuration.
  3. Configurations for Mac Computers are now supported.
  4. Remote Code Execution vulnerability on "ZohoMeetingAppletInstall.jar" has been fixed.
  5. Cross-site Scripting(XSS) vulnerability on "java_viewer.jsp" has been fixed.
  6. Desktop Central user interface for "Configuration Status and Details" page has been optimized.
  7. Replication issue in Distribution Server, while trying to deploy "Display & Launch Application" configuration has been fixed.
  8. Support for adding registry details by uploading a registry file has been included in Registry Configuration.
  9. Provided the option to include/exclude sub OU in Define target.
  10. You can now manage screensavers, wallpapers and install font files using Display configuration
  11. Issue in Wake On Lan Scheduler has been fixed.
  12. Issue in deploying IP Printer and File Folder configurations with the user credentials has been fixed.
  13. Configuring Internet Explorer settings has been enhanced with the ability to add favorites to it.
  14. Ability to revoke all USB restrictions, which has been applied through Desktop Central has been introduced.
  15. Issue in deploying a "Shared Printer" configuration for computers running windows 8.1 has been fixed.
  16. Issue in applying "Shortcut" configuration to Windows 2008 machines has been fixed.
  17. Issue while using "deploy immediately" option to install patches in random cases has been fixed.
  18. Issue in saving a configuration as draft when more number of computers were added as target has been fixed.
  19. Issue in creating an User Management Configuration with password, has been fixed.
  20. Issue while deploying new Wallpaper and Screensaver through Display Configuration has been fixed.
  21. When a configuration is being deployed to a computer with "Do Not Reboot" as reboot policy, and the user tries to reboot the computer at the same time, issue in not allowing the user to reboot the computer has been fixed.
  22. When a configuration is resumed, issue in re-applying the configuration to all the target, has been fixed.
  23. Processing User Configuration on a computer, when more than one user has logged in has been optimized.
  24. Issue in excluding USB devices, if the device name contains special characters has been fixed.
  25. Drive Mapping is now enhanced to overwrite the existing drives.
  26. When a user has been assigned to manage a remote office that has a Domain/Workgroup with a "-" in its name, there was an issue in showing this Domain/Workgroup under Define Target of a configuration. This has been fixed.
  27. Issue in deploying a patch/software application which exceeds 100 MB of size has been fixed.
  28. Issue in using 'Deploy Immediately' option, while applying the configuration to a large target has been fixed.
  29. While deploying a configuration, issue in excluding 'custom group' from the target has been fixed.
  30. Issue in wrongly applying a registry file, while deploying a custom script configuration has been fixed.

Patch Management

  1. Under Deployment Policies, issue in restarting the "Servers", when exclude option is selected has been fixed.
  2. Service Packs can now be deployed using Automated Patch Deployment.
  3. Patch Management now supports Mozilla Firefox ESR.
  4. Added support for exclusive Patch Management Edition..
  5. Ability to send email notifications periodically, on the deployment status of the Automated Patch Deployment task has been introduced.
  6. Ability to filter patches with advanced criteria, has been introduced in Automated Patch Deployment.
  7. "Third Party Applications" are now included in the System Health Status calculation.
  8. Patch Approval process is now enhanced to approve the patches Automatically.
  9. Ability to automate Patch Repository cleanup process has been introduced.
  10. Patch DB Sync mail alert, is now enhanced with details on latest patches and applications.
  11. Issue while using "deploy immediately" option to install patches in random cases has been fixed.
  12. When no missing patches are found, issue in "notifying the users to Allow/Skip installation" has been fixed.
  13. Issue in allowing users to skip reboot during patch deployment in some specific scenarios has been fixed.

Software Deployment

  1. Ability to re-order the packages, while creating/modifying a software configuration has been introduced.
  2. Pre-installation checks like, verifying free disk space, registry key value etc, can now be automated while deploying a software
  3. Issue in modifying the existing software packages has been fixed

Mobile Device Management

  1. ME MDM for Android now supports a high security profile 'Kiosk', that locks down devices to selective applications
  2. ME MDM is now enhanced to validate the email address during enrollment
  3. Ability to manage KNOX devices has been introduced
  4. In MDM, proper handling of acknowledgement and error responses during execution of Security Commands has been done.
  5. In MDM, Scheduled Reports for Devices by Passcode Type and Devices with/without Specific Apps have been introduced.
  6. Desktop Central MSP now supports Bulk Enrollment of mobile devices.Ability to restrict users from removing ME MDM App is now supported for all Android devices.
  7. Ability to modify the details of the Device like "Device Name and Description" has been introduced
  8. Ability to view the details of the Profile has been introduced
  9. Ability to perform on-demand operations on devices running Windows 8.1 via Windows Notification Service has been introduced
  10. Ability to restrict users from deleting ME MDM Workspace account has been introduced.
  11. MDM now supports configuring WiFi profile for all Android devices
  12. Ability to remotely alarm on an Android device has been added.
  13. Remote Wipe on Android devices can also wipe the data on SD card
  14. Geo-Tracking for Android devices has been optimized to reduce the impact on battery consumption.
  15. Option to rename MDM group is supported
  16. In App Distribution, the previously chosen values for silent installation and notifications will be remembered.
  17. Ability to distribute paid iOS Apps using Managed Distribution has been added.
  18. Support for migrating unused VPP redemption codes to Managed Distribution Licensing is added
  19. Support for silent installation of Enterprise iOS App on supervised devices has been added.
  20. Ability to rebrand ME MDM App on SAFE devices has been introduced.
  21. Ability to hide ME MDM App on Android devices has been introduced.
  22. Mobile Device Management now supports managing Windows Phone 8.0 and later versions.
  23. When you configure Desktop Central MDM to track the location of the devices, it automatically downloads and configures Google Maps to show the device location on a map
  24. Ability to restrict users from disabling GPS, on their android device has been introduced.
  25. Ability to restrict users from disabling Cellular data, on their android device has been introduced.
  26. While creating/modifying Groups, devices can now be identified using User Name, in addition to the Device Name.
  27.  Issue in enrolling android devices using Google Chrome browser has been fixed.
  28. Issue in wrongly updating the status as "Draft", while distributing Apps & Profiles has been fixed.
  29. In MDM, issue in distributing APN profile to iOS8 devices has been fixed.
  30. In MDM, issue in linking of Read KBs for scanning remarks, App and Profile distribution has been fixed.
  31. In MDM, issue in "In Progress" message displayed during scanning has been fixed.
  32. The issue in deploying Exchange ActiveSync Account profile to Android devices when the user has already added the account manually, has been fixed.
  33. Issue in modifying the name of an App in the App Repository has been fixed.
  34. Issue in creating a vendor signed CSR, in random cases has been fixed.
  35. While using 3rd Party certificates, issue in configuring NAT settings using "Subject Alternate Name" has been fixed.
  36. Ability to modify the details of the Device like "Device Name and Description" has been introduced.
  37. Issue in not updating the device name when an existing Android device is enrolled to a different user has been fixed .
  38. Fix for issue in displaying group name as junk for non English.
  39. While creating a Active Sync Profile, issue in listing "password" as a mandatory field has been fixed.
  40. When a device is remotely wiped (corporate wipe), the unused redemption codes, if any, on that device will be available for use on other devices.
  41. Issue in displaying the license details of an App when it has been modified is fixed.
  42. When a app license is revoked from an iOS device, the App is removed from the device/App Catalog.
  43. When multiple versions of an App is installed on a device (by way of upgrading), issue in wrongly displaying the installed version has been fixed.
  44. When the APNs certificate is renewed, issue in not retaining the device enrollment time has been fixed.
  45. When a device which was wiped using Desktop Central is re-enrolled, issue in listing it as a new device has been fixed.
  46. When finger print authentication has been enabled in Samsung S5 devices, issue in applying passcode profile has been fixed.
  47. When a device is manually added to a Group, issue in applying the profiles/apps associated with the Group has been fixed
  48. Issue in creating Exchange Active Sync Profile without user name for android devices, has been fixed.

Remote Control

  1. In Remote Control, ability to Zoom in and Zoom out the remote desktop view has been introduced.
  2. Downloading recorded remote sessions can now be secured by prompting for authentication.
  3. Users can establish a remote connection via Activex viewer from computers with "Standard User" privileges
  4. Remote connections via Activex viewers has been enhanced to remove dependency with the custom security settings of the IE browser.
  5. Ability to hide/view the remote cursor can now be configured from Remote Control settings.
  6. Support for viewing multiple monitors from Java viewer has been added.
  7. Remote Control feature is now supported for computers running MAC operating System.
  8. Ability to view files with the modified date has been introduced in Remote Control - File Transfer.
  9. Under Remote Control, issue in allowing to save the same port for HTTP & HTTPS communication has been fixed
  10. When an insecure remote connection is established, issue in abruptly disconnecting the connection has been fixed.
  11. When an insecure remote connection is established, issue in abruptly disconnecting the connection has been fixed.
  12. Issue in showing a black screen, while connecting a dual monitor remotely has been fixed
  13. Ability to transfer multiple files simultaneously, to a remote computer has been introduced.
  14. Issue in taking Remote Control of a computer using ActiveX viewer from Internet Explorer 11 has been fixed
  15. Desktop shortcut has been introduced to navigate to "Desktop" folder from the "Home" directory in Remote Control - File Transfer.
  16. While trying to remotely connect a "Windows Surface Pro" or a "Windows Desktop" with a larger display, issue in not displaying the complete screen has been fixed

ServiceDesk Plus Integration

  1. Issue in integrating Desktop Central, when ServiceDesk Plus server is run on HTTPS mode, has been fixed.
  2. Issue in wrongly updating the computer name in place of model name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP has been fixed.
  3. Issue in synchronizing the "Global Software Packages" from Desktop Central MSP to ServiceDesk Plus MSP has been fixed..


  1. Desktop Central Agent generation has been enhanced to prevent from being reported as "unsafe" by anti-virus during installation / upgradation
  2. Issue in retrying Desktop Central agent upgradation has been fixed.
  3. Issue during agent installation in XP machines has been fixed


  1. Under Scheduled reports, you can now filter Missing/Applicable/Installed Patch Reports based on systems.
  2. Ability to generate Custom Reports, using predefined "time interval" like last week, last month etc, has been introduced.
  3. Ability to clone "Custom Reports" has been introduced
  4. Ability to generate scheduled report based on usage of USB devices has been introduced
  5. Reports can now be generated for "Mapped Logical Disks" and "Network Shares"
  6. Issue in exporting hardware and software reports in .csv format has been fixed.
  7. Issue in generating a "Query Report" when the data is huge has been fixed.
  8. "No Managed Connection" issue, while generating inventory summary has been fixed.
  9. Issue in generating USB usage report has been fixed.
  10. Ability to generate custom reports with more specific details like Mapped Logical disk, mother board details etc has been introduced.
  11. Issue in searching computers in "Computers With or without Software" report has been fixed.

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