Endpoint Security Essentials for Business Leaders

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As our world undergoes rapid digitization and becomes more interconnected, accruing its benefits comes at the cost of dealing with cyber threats. As enterprises try to keep up with their customer needs with increased thrust on profitability, they are often blindsided by the one thing that is a constant in this digital world--cyberattacks. Business leaders can either succumb to this or find ways to adapt and thrive to get the best out of their IT teams and workforce.

The modern threat landscape of today is different from what it was a few years ago and as attacks evolve, so should your endpoint security measures. In this exclusive resource, we'll lay out a future-proof strategy for the C-suite to navigate digital uncertainty and establish a firm ground while dealing with cyberattacks.

What's inside?

  • Key endpoint security questions that executives need to ask themselves.
  • A framework for executives to facilitate their IT team during a breach.
  • Consequences faced by the C-suite due to lack of cyber-preparedness.
  • Ways to reframe the role of the cybersecurity leadership.
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