Specify the settings to configure Central Server. 

To configure server settings

To configure the server settings, select the Admin tab --> Server Settings link.

  1. Click on the check box to enable the below listed features:

    1. Select the "Start ' Endpoint DLP Plus' automatically on machine bootup" check box if you wish to start web console whenever the system is started.

    2. Select the "Launch the client upon successful server startup" check box if you wish to open the client whenever the Central Server is started.

    3. Automatically send logs for diagnosis, will share the Endpoint DLP Plus logs to the product team for diagnosis. 

    4. Select the "Send Endpoint DLP Plus Usage Statistics" check box if you wish to allow Endpoint DLP Plus to collect and share information about the usage of the product. This will used as a feedback to enhance the product.

    5. Select the "Share Commercial Software details to the community" check box if you wish to update Endpoint DLP Plus the list of software that you have marked as commercial.

    6. Select the "Automatically mark software as commercial with shared community details" check box if you wish to share the commercial software details to the Endpoint DLP Plus Community.

    7. Select the "Enable Secure Login (Https)" option to enable https in the client.

    8. Select the "Trim Column Values in Report" check box if you wish to trim the unwanted space in the column values of report.

    9. Data Sharing : Enabling this will allow users to see tasks/configurations that are created by all users. If this is disabled, user will be able to see only the tasks/configurations that are created by themselves.

  2. Specify the Notification server port number

  3. From the Drop down select the current level for Log Settings as normal and debug.  

  4. Click the Save Changes button.