This document gives you information required on how to configure the Central Server in order to manage computers belonging to roaming users.


  1. Ensure that the Central server is reachable using a public IP address

    The Central server should be reachable via a public IP Address. Configure your external router to ensure that any requests sent to this public IP address are directed to the IP address of the computer in which the Central server is installed. For example,

    • Your public IP address is
    • You have installed the Central server on a computer that has the private IP address with default communication ports 8020 or 8363 and 8027.

    You should configure your router to direct all requests for at port 8020 or 8363 and 8027 to at the respective ports. It is recommended that you make the private IP address ( in the above example) static to ensure uninterrupted communication.

  2. Create a Remote Office using the web console.

    You are required to create a remote office. Follow the steps given below:

    1. Select SoM>Remote Offices tab
    2. Click Add Remote Office
    3. Specify a name for the remote office. For example, Roaming Users
    4. Specify your Public IP address as the server's IP address
    5. Select Direct Communication
    6. Specify the communication interval
    7. Select Enable Secured Communication (HTTPS) if you want the communication to be secured
    8. Click Add
  3. Install the Remote Office Agent in Roaming Users' Computers

    Install the agent in the computers of roaming users. Follow the steps given below:

    1. Select SoM>Remote Offices tab.
    2. Download the agent for to the remote office that you created
    3. Install the agent in the computers of all roaming users, manually

    When these roaming users connect to Internet, the agent installed in their computers will contact the central server to gather information about configurations available. The agent will contact the central server periodically, based on the communication interval specified while creating the remote office. The default communication interval is 2 minutes.