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Connecting to a remote server involves supplying private keys to a remote access tool each time a connection needs to be established. Key Manager Plus eliminates the need for an external tool as it takes care of issuing the keys automatically to access the remote server.

After establishing connection with a remote server, a user can perform operations as needed on any file by executing commands. Access to these files needs to be regulated so only authorized admins can read and write the files. When anyone who has access to a system's public key can view and edit its files, it increases the chances of security compromises. Key Manager Plus precisely addresses these concerns with a slew of secure features to automate remote operations and restrict access to remote systems.

Connect directly with remote servers

Manually connecting to multiple remote systems requires keys and passphrases to be provided each time you're trying to open a secure shell. Key Manager Plus automates the remote connection, delivering the credentials, and launching the terminal in a single click. Each session is recorded so administrators can track the executed commands.

Fortify keys with multiple layers of security

During a terminal session with a remote system, a user could extract confidential information by issuing sensitive commands. With Key Manager Plus, you can set restrictions for a user so they can only perform specific commands, which will be automatically executed on establishing a connection with the host. Also, to prevent anyone with the key from accessing a resource, Key Manager Plus allows access to keys only if they're from the user-defined IP addresses. This adds an additional layer of security, thus impeding access from a stolen key.

Secure access to remote resources
Add commands for terminal session

Restrict access to the authorized_keys file

The authorized_keys file residing in a system consists of a list of public SSH keys that are authorized to access that system. It's a crucial configuration file whose access needs to be restricted to prevent creation of unsolicited SSH pathways to critical systems. Key Manager Plus automates the maintenance, enabling only authorized admins to access and edit the file.

Securely transfer files

Files transferred using the Secure Copy Protocol are done via SSH tunneling. When this transfer is further authenticated using SSH keys, you can be assured that the files sent and received are twice as secured. With Key Manager Plus, you can safely transfer files to a remote system.