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Every organization that uses spreadsheets to manually track all of its certificates from different Certificate Authorities (CA) gains limited visibility over the validity of those certificates. If a certificate expires, then it results in service downtime and security blindspots, costing your organization its revenue, trust, and confidential data. Besides tracking the validity of certificates, admins bear the overhead of tracking each domain's validity. If a domain expires, attackers can take advantage of this vulnerability to steal personal data and create fraudulent websites.

Key Manager Plus actively monitors and tracks the validity of your organization's certificates in one central repository. It sends periodic reports and timely alerts to domain owners, notifying them whenever certificates reach imminent expiry. Also, it supports on-demand and automatic renewal of certificates to ensure your domain functions undisrupted.

Get promptly notified of impending certificate expiry

With Key Manager Plus, you'll receive notifications about the certificates which will expire in a specified number of days, helping you plan proactively for timely renewal. It also allows admins to customize the content and frequency of email alerts.

Prevent unanticipated outages with auto-renewal

Key Manager Plus takes care of automating the renewal of certificates. It provides you with the flexibility to configure the number of days before which the certificates need to be auto-renewed. The renewed certificates are automatically deployed to their respective servers.

Monitor ssl certificate expiration
Auto renewal of SSL certificates

Eliminate unprecedented domain lapses

Key Manager Plus notifies you about any impending domain expiry associated with certificates in your repository, helping you safeguard your domain against invalidity and potential man-in-the-middle attacks. When prompted, it retrieves the exact date of expiry after performing a two-step WHOIS lookup.