Effortless remote assistance collaboration

With a variety of features, Zoho Lens helps businesses resolve problems more creatively, increasing efficiency and productivity.

AR streaming

Experts can view the live camera stream of a smartphone or smart glass at a remote location and offer viable solutions—without leaving their desks.

Record and replay your augmented reality support sessions

Record, replay, and download your online AR support sessions. Access and share audio, video, and live stream session recordings right from your Zoho Lens account.

3D annotation

AR annotations help you and your customer add contextual information to the live camera stream. You can use our annotation tools to draw and write on the screen.

Mobile SDK

Use our custom software development kit for iOS and Android to add remote access capabilities to your mobile app and empower end users to quickly initiate augmented reality live streaming sessions.

Live information sharing

Technicians can share any information on their devices with a single click. Share essential files with on-site users in real time.

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