Complying with theCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act 2018.

ManageEngine Log360 can help you defend against data breaches, and ensure your customers' personal information remains secure.

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CCPA fundamentals:

  • It comes into effect on January 1, 2020.

  • Most enhanced consumer privacy bill in the United States.

  • Gives consumers the right to opt in or opt out of the sale of personal information.

  • Organizations need to develop clear privacy notices for consumers, and grant consumers' requests to be forgotten.

  • Organizations need to prove they had the right security controls in place to avoid liability in case of a breach.

CCPA requirements:Defend against data breaches and identity theft.

Under the CCPA, businesses are required to put adequate measures in place to defend against data breaches and identity theft. Businesses need to be fully equipped to: 

Defend against data breaches

  • Monitor user and entity activities in real time across different network devices, applications, and servers
  • Automatically take action to resolve security incidents
  • Facilitate advanced forensics to find the root cause of incidents
  • Correlate events that happen across the network to identify data breaches

Protect against identity theft

  • Grant only authorized users access to the appropriate resources
  • Monitor the integrity of files, folders, and databases
  • Maintain an environment of least privilege, and monitor accesses of all users
  • Track all user activities and modifications in Active Directory
  • Audit all permission escalations

An IT administrator's simple guide to the CCPA.

Learn about about the fundamentals of the CCPA, and how your business can comply with it.

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How Log360 can help you comply with the CCPA.

Log360 is a one-stop solution for all your log management and network security needs. You'll be able to audit Active Directory, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and your public cloud infrastructure all from a single console to gain complete control over your network. 

With Log360, you can:

  • Collect and analyze logs from multiple sources.
  • Correlate different logs to understand how certain events unfolded.
  • Monitor application servers including IIS web servers, Microsoft SQL servers, and Oracle databases. 
  • Audit network devices like firewalls, routers, and switches. 
  • Keep track of all NTFS permission changes on files.
  • Receive instant alerts upon suspicious folder access.
  • Keep a comprehensive audit trail of every modification to file shares.
  • View actionable reports on every change in Active Directory and permission escalations.
  • Drill down to the root cause of all security incidents, data breaches, and identity thefts.

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