Correlate security events across
your network with Log360's
real-time event correlation.

Spot hidden anomalies, trace an attacker's path across devices, and identify attack patterns within seconds.

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Use event correlation for rule-based attack detection and investigation

When it comes to detecting security threats, event logs play a crucial role as they hold important security information. Log360's event correlation module correlates disparate security events and identifies threat patterns across your network. Log360 strings isolated security events together to identify indicators of an attack. With quick, accurate alerts, you can take a proactive stance to prevent damage to your network data and resources.

Stay aware of all detected security threats

Stay aware of all detected security threats

With Log360's intuitive correlation dashboard, you can view a summary of all detected security threats, including ransomware attacks, file integrity threats, and database and web server threats. You can gain insights into recent incidents, improve investigations, and resolve issues quickly.

Detect cyberattacks using prebuilt attack rules

Log360's event correlation engine has over 30 predefined correlation rules for detecting several common cyberattacks. You can also create your own correlation rules based on your requirements with the custom rule builder.

Detect cyberattacks using prebuilt attack rules
Investigate cyberattacks with attack timelines

Investigate cyberattacks with attack timelines

Navigate a detailed event timeline for each detected incident and drill down to raw log contents to get in-depth information on compromised accounts, infected devices, and more. Investigate cyberattacks, like brute-force attempts and cryptocurrency mining, by viewing the event history with sequential security events.

Why choose
Log360 for rule-based
attack detection?

Analyze log data from one place

Leverage centralized event log collection where you can analyze log data from different sources across your network.

Get alerted to security threats quickly

Get email and SMS alerts when a security incident is detected.

Manage and respond to incidents effectively

Log360's incident management console helps you manage security incidents with ease. By configuring incident workflows, you can automate incident response.

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