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Password Sync

Mobile Active Directory Password Sync

Mobile Active Directory Password Reset

With the proliferation of cloud applications, users now have more choice than ever to carry out their work using any applications or systems they want. While it is convenient for users, the security and cost challenges involved in managing users’ identities, more specifically users’ passwords, across multiple systems and applications cannot be overlooked.

ADSelfService Plus provides a unified self-service password management solution that synchronizes Windows Active Directory passwords across multiple systems and applications. If a user resets his Windows password using ADSelfService Plus, the new password is automatically replicated to all his non-Windows accounts that are configured in ADSelfService Plus.

The following systems and applications are supported:



ADSelfService Plus mobile browser support enables users to manage passwords of multiple systems and applications right from their mobile devices. Since most of the cloud applications are accessible via mobile devices, a BYOD friendly self-service password management solution with multi-platform password synchronization capabilities will go a long way in addressing the security and cost issues associated with managing users’ identities in a hybrid environment.

Demo Server Configuration for the App

Server :
Port : 80
Username: demo
Password: demo

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