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Mobile Active Directory Change Password

Mobile Active Directory Password Reset

Periodically changing Windows password is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. But, users, who are ‘on the road’ or on vacation with only their mobile device to connect with their Exchange Mailboxes via OWA, will be in for a rude shock when their password expires and they lose access to all important messages. Also, the strong password policy stipulations set by organizations to enforce strong passwords will almost always result in frustration for employees while changing their passwords.

ADSelfService Plus provides a secure, easy-to-use web portal that is fully compatible with any mobile device to allow users to change their expiring Windows password from anywhere, anytime. The domain password policy complexity requirements are displayed on the mobile screen when users change their passwords to assist them in choosing a stronger password. Administrators can even customize the password policy message to make it even more user-friendly. Providing users the ability to change their passwords via mobile devices will go a long way in reducing password related IT helpdesk calls.

Demo Server Configuration for the App

Server :
Port : 80
Username: demo
Password: demo

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