How to migrate Mobile Device Manager Plus(MDM) MSP server from one machine to another without losing any data?


There are certain cases where the MDM server is to be migrated from one machine to another, such as moving the server from test environment to production environment, temporarily moving the server to update the machine, moving it to a new machine to improve scalability etc.,

Before migrating the server, there are a set of important steps to be followed:

  • If the NAT address being used in the MDM MSP Server is the IP address/FQDN of the local machine, then the server cannot be migrated.
  • Do not have a fresh installation of MDM MSP in the machine to which the server is to be migrated.
  • Ensure these domains and ports are white listed/excluded in firewall and other third-party filters in the new machine.
  • Do not uninstall the MDM server from the old machine until the migration is successful. 


Existing machine:

  • Stop the MDM MSP server. Ensure it has fully stopped by checking whether any MDM-related process is running in the task manager.
  • Zip the entire MDM server installation folder found in <Directory>/ManageEngine. Copy the ZIP file

New machine:

  • Paste the ZIP file copied from the existing machine and expand the ZIP file.
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate to MDMMSPServer/bin and execute migration-server.bat.
  • Start the MDM MSP server in the new machine and ensure all the managed devices can contact the MDM MSP Server and vice-versa.
Successful migration can be confirmed by scanning the devices from the MDM MSP Server and verifying whether last contacted time is the most recent. If you've configured remote DB, ensure the new server can contact the remote DB.

NOTE: The above steps are applicable, even if you've configured MDM MSP with Secure Gateway.