How to uninstall ME MDM App from the managed Android device?


This document will explain the steps involved in uninstalling the ME MDM App from managed Android devices.


You can uninstall the ME MDM App from the managed Android devices by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. On the managed mobile device, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Security.
  3. Select Device Administrator and disable it.
  4. Under Settings, go to Applications.
  5. Select ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus and Uninstall the ME MDM App.
In case the device is unmanaged from MDM server when ME MDM App is hidden on the device, you will be unable to uninstall ME MDM App from the device using the steps given above if there are connectivity issues. To avoid this, you can consider the following:
    1. Revoke 'Hide ME MDM App' setting and make ME MDM App visible on a device prior to unmanaging an enrolled device. Or
    2. You can click on Open-MEMDM from the mobile device. Then, click on the link that appears, to make the ME MDM App visible on the device. Now, use 'Revoke Administration' Password to disable Device Administrator rights for ME MDM App and then remove it.
You have successfully uninstalled the ME MDM App on the managed mobile device. Uninstalling the ME MDM App on the managed devices will result in the following:
  1. All the profiles and Apps(only for Safe devices) that were installed using Mobile Device Manager Plus will be wiped out.
  2. This will not disturb any personal data other than the corporate data which has been distributed through Mobile Device Manager Plus.
  3. This device will no longer be managed by Mobile Device Manager Plus.
  4. In case of Samsung KNOX devices, the KNOX container will also be removed.