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Remote Troubleshoot

This feature is available in Professional, Free, and Trial editions of MDM.

Ever since the advent of the pandemic, the world has adopted the virtual work culture. Many organizations shifted their base to go completely remote. So managing the endpoints is quite challenging for an IT admin. To help assist users with help in using apps, identifying issues in device settings, troubleshooting kiosk devices or remotely deployed devices, and assisting field agents, MDM comes up with Remote troubleshooting. With Remote troubleshooting, admins can troubleshoot the devices over the air.

What does MDM offer?

For Android devices, MDM lets you to either remotely view or control the device. You can also chat with the user and provide necessary troubleshooting tips. For iOS devices, you can remotely view the devices.

How does MDM actually troubleshoot your devices?

MDM uses Zoho Assist, a free in-house application to perform this remote troubleshooting.There is no need of other third-party application. Firstly MDM server has to be integrated with Zoho Assist. Once integrated, your managed devices are ready to be troubleshooted remotely.

Note: The agent bandwidth consumption of Zoho Assist is 100-300 KB per second.


  • Zoho Assist to be integrated with MDM server.
  • MDM app to be installed on the device.
  • Remote view is supported for Supervised iOS and Profile owner Android devices. Remote control is supported for Fully managed Android devices.

Advantages of Remote troubleshooting

  • Minimal user intervention.
  • You can troubleshoot devices in Kiosk also.
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