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Scan Devices

With Mobile Device Manager Plus , you can scan managed devices and/or set up scheduled scans in order to obtain granular details of the managed devices. To ensure that the device remains in contact with the MDM server, it is recommended to schedule frequent device scans. This is so that the devices stay in contact with the server. Device summary, Network summary, OS summary and various other details about the devices can be fetched. The steps involved in performing and scheduling device scans are mentioned below.

  1. On the web console, navigate to the Inventory tab click on Scan Devices.
  2. Under Device Name, Select the Devices that need to be scanned and click on the Scan Devices button. To scan all the enrolled devices, click on the Scan All button.

The Scan process is initiated and the result of the scan is shown under Scan Status, along with the details shown under Remarks.

Schedule Device Scan

The following steps explain how to schedule the scan at customized intervals.

  1. On the web console, go to Inventory > Schedule Device Scan and click on Schedule Now
  2. Customize your schedule by clicking on Daily/Weekly/Monthly, providing a date and time and other details.
  3. Click on Save Changes to save the configuration.

View Scanning Status

You can see the following status when a device is being scanned.

Icon Status Meaning
Initiated Scanning is initiated from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server and waiting for update from the device
In Progress Device has started scanning and yet to update the details
Success Device is scanned successfully
Failed Unable to scan devices

If the scan has been completed, the last contact time is also updated on the server.

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