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How to enroll a Chromebook with Chromebook enterprise enrollment?

What is Enterprise Enrollment on Chromebooks?

Chromebook Enterprise enrollment is the process that enables the enrollment and corporate management of Chromebooks by assigning these devices to a specific organization.

Using Google Enterprise enrollment IT admins can simplify the management of the devices by enrolling Chromebooks into a mobile device management solution. Mobile Device Manager Plus enables IT admins to perform Chrome OS enrollment by following a few simple steps. This document explains how MDM facilitates enterprise enrollment for Chromebooks.


The following pre-requisites must be met to facilitate Chromebook Enterprise enrollment:

  • To manage Chrome OS devices using MDM you need to purchase licenses as explained here, before performing Chrome OS enrollment.
  • Chrome integration with MDM, using G Suite as explained here.
  • Chromebook enterprise enrollment or Google enterprise enrollment can be initiated only if there are no users assigned to it. Either perform the Google Chromebook enrollment before handing the device to the user or factory reset the device in use before enabling Chromebook enterprise management. Follow the steps given here to reset the device.

How to enroll Chromebooks with MDM?

To enroll the Chromebooks in your enterprise with MDM, follow the steps given below:

  • Switch on the Chromebook to be enrolled and when prompted to sign in, press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+E. This takes you to the enrollment screen.
  • Provide your G Suite admin account credentials or provide the G Suite account of any user provisioned with Enrollment permissions
  • Click on Enroll Device. The devices gets added to Google portal and gets automatically synced and enrolled with MDM.
  • These devices can be viewed by navigating to Enrollment -> Chromebook Enrollment. You need to assign users to these devices to complete the Chromebook enrollment
  • You can either assign users on a device-to-device basis by clicking on the Assign User option present against the device or choose to enroll them in bulk by uploading a CSV. Additionally you can also add these devices to multiple groups for automating the distribution of apps, profiles and documents to devices once you enroll Chromebooks into MDM.

If you face issues while enrolling a Chromebook, refer to these troubleshooting tips and try enrolling again.

You can also ensure mandated Chromebook enterprise enrollment with MDM, even if the Chromebook is wiped by configuring this restriction.

Sample CSV Format

  1. The fields Serial Number, User Name, Email Address and Group Name are mandatory. All the other fields are optional. Ensure the specified group name is already created in the MDM server. If values are not provided, default values will be taken.
  2. The default values for various non-mandatory fields are: 
    Domain Name -- MDM
    Owned By -- Corporate
  3. Devices can be added to multiple groups upon enrollment. If multiple groups are specified, the group names must be separated with a slash (/)
  4. The first line of the CSV is the column header and the columns can be in any order.
  5. Blank column values should be comma separated.
  6. If the column value contains comma, it should be specified within quotes.
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