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Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging lets you uniquely identify a device based on a set of distinct parameters. These parameters are displayed on the device lockscreen for easy identification without requiring the device to be even unlocked. MDM lets you display up to 4 parameters, including a custom message on the lockscreen for easier identification of devices. This is supported for Samsung devices and other Android devices provisioned as Device Owner.

Profile Specification Description
Show Asset Tag on device You can choose to display Asset Tag information on the device as follows:
  1. Lock Screen and Kiosk Launcher
  2. Lock Screen only
  3. Kiosk Launcher only
Background Color/Custom Wallpaper Provide the wallpaper or specify the color to be used in the background, while the details are displayed on the foreground. You can also choose to modify the color in which the asset tag information is to be displayed. In addition to adding a background, you can also preview how the text will be displayed on the selected background, both for mobile devices and tablets.
Parameters to be displayed You can select the parameters to be displayed on device lockscreen. You can choose to display a maximum of three parameters such as User Name, Organization Name, Device Serial Number, etc. Further, you can choose to add the fourth parameter in the message box by providing the associated dynamic variable.
Message Box Specify any additional details to be displayed on device lockscreen. The message length cannot exceed 70 characters.
  • You need to either have a message or a minimum of one parameter to be selected, for configuring this policy.
  • Ensure you don't distribute the Asset Tag policy to devices after marking them as lost, using Lost Mode. This is because the recently distributed policy takes precedence.
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