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Workspace Security

MDM enables IT Admins to configure proactive security restrictions to protect your organization's data by minimizing the data flow between unmanaged and Work Profile apps. With Workspace Security, you can allow or restrict users from sharing documents between unmanaged and Work Profile apps, sharing managed contact, etc. 

Note: This profile is only applicable for devices enrolled as Profile Owner. By default, in devices enrolled as Profile Owner, sharing managed data between Work Profile and unmanaged apps will be restricted. Using this profile, you can customize the settings as preferred.

Profile Description

Share documents from unmanaged apps to Work Profile Specify if users can share or access documents stored in unmanaged apps to apps installed on the Work Profile.  success failured
Allow users to cut/copy/paste managed data to unmanaged apps Specify if clipboard sharing is allowed between apps in Work Profile and unmanaged apps. success failured
Allow sharing contacts in the Work Profile over Bluetooth Specify if users can sync contacts stored in the Work Profile to devices, for instance importing managed contacts to car, via Bluetooth success failured
Allow adding Work Profile app widgets to home screen Specify if users can add managed app widgets, such as Outlook Calendar widget, to the device home screen. success failured
Allow native Phone app to view contact details in the Work Profile Specify if managed incoming/outgoing caller details can be viewed in native Phone app.  success failured
Allow unmanaged apps to access contacts in the Work Profile Specify if unmanaged apps, like native Contacts app, can access managed contact details. success failured
Allow the app(s) to be connected between work and personal space Allow/Restrict data sharing between work and personal space for same apps. This allows the users to sync their corporate events and tasks with personal apps and view them together. This way, employees don't miss their important tasks and events scheduled.
  • You can allow users to sync apps such as Calendar, Contacts, Notes etc.
  • For example, by connecting the calendar app across Work Profiles, users can view both work and personal events together. This can enhance the way users use their device and improve employee productivity.
  • You can choose to allow this setting for all apps or only specific apps.
Note: If this setting is allowed, users have to manually enable the 'Connect these apps' option under App info.
success failured

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