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Custom Configuration

MDM supports an extensive set of policies and restrictions which can be configured on the MDM server. For the policies which are currently not supported by MDM, you can create custom configuration profiles using third-party tools like Apple Configurator, ProfileCreator, or manually create them using text editors. To facilitate user specific configurations, use dynamic variables. Dynamic variables ensure policies in the custom profiles need not be configured separately for each user, as they automatically fetch the required details from the enrollment data. Click here to learn more about dynamic variables.

Custom configuration is available in Professional, Free and Trial editions. Visit Edition comparison matrix for more information.

It is recommended to configure custom profiles, only to distribute policies currently unavailable in MDM.


  1. Create custom configuration profiles using third-party tools (Apple Configurator, Profile Creator, etc) and configure policies which are currently not supported by MDM.
  2. On the console, go to Device Mgmt -> Profiles -> Create Profile -> Apple. Provide the requisite profile details and click on Continue. On the left pane, select Custom Configuration.
  3. Here, drag and drop the configuration profile created earlier or click on Upload Configuration and upload the same.
  4. After uploading the profile successfully, save and publish it. Custom configuration profiles can later be associated with managed Apple devices.

After creating custom configurations, you can associate the profiles to devices or to groups according to the requirement. However, it is recommended to test the custom configurations on a test device before associating it with your production environment.

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