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Protect your organization's Macs from unwanted sources and traffic, by setting up a firewall using MDM. This creates a virtual barrier to prevent cyber criminals and hackers from discovering the devices, and sending harmful network requests. You can choose to selectively or completely block out untrusted connections from reaching Macs. This safeguards your corporate macOS devices from malware attacks and various cyber threats.

Profile Description

Profile Specification Description
Firewall Choose to Enable or Disable a firewall for macOS devices. Select Enable to ensure that your corporate devices are safe within the internal network. Any external traffic cannot reach the Mac.
Incoming connections Choose to Enable or Disable all connections that are sent to the Mac.
Stealth Mode Enable Stealth Mode to hide the Mac from unsecure or public networks. When the device is in Stealth Mode, it cannot respond to network requests that could pose as a threat.
Signed Apps Allow or Restrict apps signed by Apple from receiving any network requests.(These are apps that have been evaluated and signed by Apple).
Built-in apps Certain apps are available on Macs by default. Allow or Restrict connections and network traffic to these Built-in apps.
Allowed apps You can choose to allow apps which your organization considers critical to receive incoming connections. Choose apps from the dropdown. For apps that are not available on the App Repository, click on the Add App button and add the required app(s).
Blocked apps You can choose to block certain apps from receiving incoming network connections. Choose apps from the dropdown provided.
  1. Suppose multiple profiles with Firewall payloads are configured and distributed to devices, Mobile Device Manager Plus will consider the Firewall payload which has the most restrictive set of configurations. (The most stringent firewall policy will be applied.)
  2. You can choose the User Controlled option, to permit users to either enable or disable the following firewall settings: Incoming connections, Stealth Mode, Built-in apps, Signed apps.
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