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App Notifications

Using Mobile Device Manager Plus, admins can configure App Notifications profile for specific apps. This policy allows you to control how and where the notifications appear on the device's home screen. You can prevent users from modifying the configured settings. This policy is applicable for running macOS 10.15 or later versions. To learn more about App Notification settings, click here.

Advantages of App Notifications

App Notifications can generally be used in the following scenarios:

  1. To prevent users from disabling the important notifications from business applications.
  2. To hide sensitive information from displaying on the lock screen when the device is locked.
  3. To mandate certain app notifications and ensure users read important organizational messages.

Profile Description

Disable Notifications You can choose specific apps to disable notifications.
Enable Notifications
Choose Apps You can choose specific apps to allow notifications.
Critical alerts (Applicable only for macOS 10.15 and above) Allow/Restrict critical alerts to appear on the device's Lock Screen and play sound even if 'Do Not Disturb' is on or the device is muted. This setting is applicable only for certain apps that support critical alerts.
Notification Style You can select the style for the notification:
Lock Screen: Notifications appear on the lock screen.
Notification centre: Notification appears in the Notification centre.
Banners: A banner appears across the home screen alerting the user.
Banner Style You can select the banner style:
Temporary: Banners appear at the top of your screen for a moment, then disappear on their own.
Persistent: Banner stays at the top of the screen until you tap on it or dismiss it.
Show Notification on Lock Screen Allow/Restrict notifications to display on the Lock Screen.
Show in Notification Centre Allow/Restrict notifications to appear in the Notification Centre.
Sounds Allow/Restrict sounds to occur with the notification.
Badges Allow/Restrict badges to appear on the application icon.


Note: If you want to create more than one notification style, click on Configure another notification style.

Distributing multiple App Notification profiles to the same device

The following table explains how App Notification settings work on the device, when multiple profiles are pushed to the same device.

Zoho Mail, Zoho Meetings Zoho Mail, Zoho Books Zoho Mail from Profile 2 overrides the settings configured in Profile 1.
Zoho Meetings notification settings remain the same.
Zoho Books notification settings get added.

Note: From the above table, the Zoho Mail app may follow the notification settings configured in both Profile 1 and Profile 2 in certain cases. Hence it is recommended to configure only one App Notifications profile for a single app.

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