OpManager Architecture

OpManager Enterprise Edition

Organizations expand over time, acquiring new businesses and multiplying their resources based on need. They expand to new locations for better serving clients. Organizations evolve and so do their networks. Keeping this in mind, OpManager Enterprise Edition is engineered for networks that are dynamic and geographically distributed, so they can be managed by a unified console.

With OpManager Enterprise Edition, you can deploy

  • Probes in multiple locations for monitoring remote sites
  • Multiple Probes in one location for scalability and distributing load across servers


OpManager Enterprise Edition has a Central-Probe architecture.

Central server - The Central server acts as a unified console which synchronizes data with multiple Probe servers. The central server is designed to provide network visibility across locations, consolidate, and report the health of multiple remote networks.

Probe server - The Probe server acts as a polling engine. It monitors the routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and other networking devices for faults and performance. It generates availability, health, and performance reports. The Probe server periodically synchronizes data with the Central server.

OpManager Architecture

Click here to know more about how OpManager Enterprise Edition operates for remote network monitoring.

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