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Exclude files from Antivirus scan

Why should I exclude Patch Manager Plus files from antivirus scanning?

Patch Manager Plus performs various tasks from installing agents on the client machines and scanning them to downloading and deploying the patches. Having an antivirus program installed in your network could interfere with the functioning of Patch Manager Plus server and agent components, which would result in various errors during the installation of the agent, synchronizing the patch database (for PMP On-premises), scanning your endpoints, downloading the patches, deploying them, etc. So, it is always recommended to exclude all the files related to Patch Manager Plus on the server (only for PMP On-premises)/distribution server and agent computers. 

How do I exclude the files from antivirus scan?

The following files located under the respective directories should be excluded from antivirus scan

Under <installation directory >\UEMS_Agent\bin directory:

  • <installation directory>\UEMS_Agent\rds\dc_rds.exe
  • <installation directory>\UEMS_Agent\rds\FileTransfer\dcfiletransfer.exe

Under <installation directory >\UEMS_DistributionServer\bin directory:

  • dcdsinstallwizard.exe
  • dcdsservice.exe
  • dcreplication.exe
  • dc_httpd.exe

On the machine where Patch Manager Plus is installed,  notificationserver.exe  should be added to the exceptions list

All the above mentioned files are verified and signed by Zoho. Excluding them from antivirus doesn't cause any harm. Here is a sample document, to know more excluding folders from Symantec End Point, you can refer this for more details: How to add an exception to SEP?

Note: It is recommended to exclude files individually instead of grouping them under a folder and applying exception rules. This is to ensure that susceptible files don't fall under any such folders and cause harm.

  • Agent computers - UEMS_Agent
  • Patch Manager Plus Server - UEMS_CentralServer (Only for PMP On-premises)
  • If you are using a Patch Manager Plus build version below 10.0.545 then the server folder name will be PatchManagerPlus_Server.

  • Patch Manager Plus Distribution Server- UEMS_DistributionServer

To know more about the steps to exclude the folder from scan click here.