Ghosts of unpatched vulnerabilities past: Why vulnerabilities are still an enterprise's topmost concern

Unpatched vulnerabilities still remain the number-one entry point for ransomware attacks. Despite knowing the consequences of having unpatched security vulnerabilities in the network, many enterprises are slow when it comes to remediating these vulnerabilities. As a result, unpatched vulnerabilities remain a favorite exploit among threat actors.

There are multiple reasons why organizations do not enforce regular patching, including insufficient funds, but the cost of not adhering to a patch schedule is often devastating. Some organizations have lost years worth of trust built from hard work simply because they forgot to install a patch. Do not let this happen to your enterprise!

We have compiled a few pointers in this e-book that can help you curate and follow a patch management strategy that works for your organization.

What's inside the e-book?

  • Equifax data breach and the lessons learnt
  • Older vulnerabilities that are still actively exploited
  • Why enterprises aren't patching regularly
  • A patch routine requiring minimum changes to the existing infrastructure
  • The future of enterprise patch management

Don't fall victim to an attack caused by unpatched vulnerabilities

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