E-book: An admin’s guide to secure remote access

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Businesses today need employees and outsourced staff to have remote access to corporate data and systems anytime and from anywhere. And we're not talking about remote access for simple workflows, like when an employee at home requires basic VPN access to their office network to connect to their work device or when a support executive helps a customer troubleshoot an issue by remotely accessing their system.

We’re talking about privileged remote access that requires securely connecting to mission-critical systems outside the corporate network to carry out administrative tasks, like creating and onboarding user accounts, updating software, running DevOps tools, applying patches, and more without leaving any security loopholes behind.

To carry out such privileged activities and ensure access is granted only to authorized users, traditional, basic remote access tools no longer suffice. Organizations need modern solutions that offer secure and effective remote access capabilities.

With the remote workforce growing, it’s imperative to reinforce remote access policies and best practices to ensure business productivity and data security.

This guide details the framework of a modern, effective remote access program, including:

  • An introduction to secure remote access technology and various traditional and modern techniques to launch remote connections to endpoints.
  • A look at the risks and challenges of following poor remote access practices.
  • Effective measures and tips to design and build a robust remote access program.

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