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Hardcoded credentials and the absence of credential security within DevOps systems are a huge vulnerabilities for an organization. A malicious insider with access to credentials in plaintext can establish and expand their foothold across the IT infrastructure, posing a huge risk of data theft.

PAM360 helps IT administrators address the risks posed by embedded credentials by facilitating integration with various continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and robotic process automation (RPA) tools, and container platforms. This integration lets processes and applications securely fetch credentials from PAM360's repository and carry out privileged operations—such as automating and orchestrating access provisioning, granular control, and auditing—without

Include privileged access security to your Kubernetes orchestration workflows

PAM360 integrates out-of-the box with Kubernetes to discover and secure secrets that are distributed across multiple clusters. In order to auto-execute privileged tasks, applications and services within a Kubernetes environment will have to connect to endpoints within and outside the Kubernetes servers. This connection is usually authenticated using Secrets, which contain usernames, passwords, and machine identities (available in a Base64-encoded key-value pair) that can be used to log in to these endpoints.

PAM360 facilitates effective management of Secrets through a seamless integration with Kubernetes that enables you to:

  • Discover and add Namespaces, Secrets, and the JSON file containing the Secrets (key-value pairs) into PAM360, and store them as resources and accounts respectively.
  • Map the key-value pairs to corresponding privileged accounts of target endpoints, such as databases, operating systems, network devices, and more.
  • Manage and rotate the secrets of the K8 cluster by initiating a remote or local password reset for the target endpoints via PAM360.
Include privileged access security to your Kubernetes orchestration workflows


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Ensure hassle-free, uninterrupted functioning of CI/CD pipelines

PAM360 offers plugins for various CI/CD platforms that help organizations restore security in their DevOps environments. These plug-ins eliminate the need for embedding within script files, enabling processes and applications to fetch credentials from PAM360's vault without manual intervention. PAM360 also allows IT administrators to define access control and approval policies for DevOps systems, ensuring that no more than the required privileges are given.

PAM360 plug-ins are currently available for the following CI/CD platforms:

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Jenkins
DevOps with privilege panagement PAM360


Learn more about how PAM360 secures your CI/CD DevOps Secrets.

Authenticate RPA routines with smart password access automation

PAM360 offers out-of-the-box integrations with Automation Anywhere and Cortex XSOAR to manage their sensitive identities, such as passwords, keys, certificates, and more. With this integration, RPA teams can automate periodic fetching and rotation of sensitive credentials required for bots to perform routine privileged tasks without any manual intervention. Additionally, RPA teams can leverage PAM360's advanced access control workflows to delegate password access to bots based on the validity of requirements.

DevOps with privilege panagement PAM360



Automation Anywhere

  • Securely fetch passwords stored in PAM360's password vault to connect to remote machines, applications, or databases using these passwords.
  • Rotate passwords regularly to ensure adherence to compliance policies and uninterrupted functioning of bot routines.
PAM360's integration with Automation Anywhere
PAM360's integration with Automation Anywhere


If your organization requires a secure remote login set up that is operated by bots, you can associate PAM360's bot with any bots (dedicated to initiating remote connections) to securely fetch requisite credentials from PAM360's password vault and launch remote connections.


Cortex XSOAR

  • Configure instances in Cortex XSOAR by auto-fetching credentials stored in PAM360's vault.
  • Perform password-related actions—such as resetting passwords and fetching resources and account details—on the Cortex XSOAR instance.
PAM360's integration with Cortex XSOAR
PAM360's integration with Cortex XSOAR


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