An all-encompassing, objective approach to PAM maturity

Not another one-size-fits-all PAM maturity model

Your PAM journey is your own

As a recognized privileged access management (PAM) vendor in the global PAM market, ManageEngine has had the privilege to work with thousands of different PAM deployments. The one thing that remains the same throughout this diverse sample pool is that no two PAM deployments are the same, and they needn't be. This is due to several factors, including the organization's size, financial priorities, risk appetite, PAM requirements, and infrastructure.

With that philosophy as our blueprint, coupled with an intensive market study, our team has constructed this PAM maturity model to help you personalize the path to becoming PAM-mature.

A glimpse into ManageEngine's PAM maturity model

Maturity dimensions

  • 01.

    Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)

    Not all PAM journeys are the same, but all PAM journeys start in the same place, which is adopting controls that help you govern privileged identities, minimize risk, and adhere to compliance standards.

  • 02.

    Zero Trust

    Zero Trust is the foundation on which any PAM deployment should be implemented. The journey ahead may seem long, but donning Zero Trust access controls catalyzes your PAM journey and makes the ultimate goal of Zero Standing Privileges seem within reach.

  • 03.

    Technical enablement

    Integration and automation are the supplements that your organization needs to keep itself sustained throughout its PAM journey. Implementing this dimension in your PAM portfolio helps you reduce manual overhead and increase productive admin hours.

Maturity phases

  • Phase 1 - Essential
  • Phase 2 - Evolutionary
  • Phase 3 - Enhanced
Maturity dimension Controls

A central vault to manage users' privileged identities

A central inventory to manage privileged endpoints and secrets

Regularization or rotation of privileged identities

Automated auditing and recording of privileged sessions

Compliance with federal IT standards such as HIPAA, SOX, and the PCI DSS

Zero Trust  
Maturity dimension Controls

Real-time risk assessments (popularly in the form of trust scores) for all privileged accounts, dependent on various privileged actions performed

Certificate life cycle management

App-to-app credential management

Zero Trust

Policy-based access controls to validate access sharing based on user and endpoint behavior

Application and command controls for privileged endpoints

Maturity dimension Controls

Governance for legacy systems, multi-tenant infrastructures, SaaS, and internal applications

Access governance and monitoring for cloud entitlements

Zero Trust

Step-up authentication for layered privileged access policies

ZTNA to manage network-, application-, and database-level privileged access

One-click access through the PAM solution for third-party vendors and other collaborators who require privileged access


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