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Why do I need to install an agent?

ADAudit Plus collects security information from configured computers on your network including domain controllers, file servers, Windows servers, and workstations. In case of larger networks that operate across wide area network (WAN) connections, deploying a client-side agent not only smooths out data collection, but also reduces bandwidth utilization considerably.

Even without an installed agent, log collection from domain controllers happens in real time; however, for file servers and Windows servers, real-time data collection can only be enabled by installing a client-side software agent. That said, neglecting to install an agent will not hinder ADAudit Plus' functionality.

The agent can be installed on the following types of machines:

  1. Direct access
  2. Persistent and non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  3. Linked Clone and Full Clone VDI in virtual machine (VM)
  4. Azure Virtual Desktop

When do I need to configure a NAT device?

To deploy ADAudit Plus securely over the internet, you can configure a network address translation (NAT) device to act as an intermediary between the client-side agent and the ADAudit Plus server.

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