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  • Bulk user provisioning in AD,
    Office 365 and Exchange
  • Bulk modification of
    AD objects
  • Manage group
  • Modify NTFS permissions for
    access control
  • Reset AD user account
  • Automated AD clean-up
    and much more...

Make AD management completely effortless

Simplify numerous Active Directory (AD) management activities that are cumbersome to perform with native tools or would otherwise require a deep knowledge of PowerShell. ADManager Plus is a web-based solution that allows you to manage AD objects from a single console. Gain control over your AD environment with ADManager Plus' user-friendly interface; apply customizable account creation and modification templates; and secure delegations to the help desk. 

  • User
  • Computer
  • Group
  • Contact
  • OU
  • NTFS/File
  • Create users

    Multiple user account creation in one go

  • Modify users

    User attributes modification using CSV file import

  • Reset password

    Change passwords of single or multiple users

  • Unlock user

    Manage locked-out user accounts 

  • Enable/disable user

    Enable or disable, set account expiry dates of bulk users

  • Move user

    Move users to a different OU

  • Move computers

    Move multiple computer objects across containers

  • Delete computers

    Clean up single or multiple computer accounts in a single step

  • Enable/disable computers

    Enable or disable computers accounts in a one step action

  • Modify general computer attributes

    Set Description, Location, Managed by attributes for computers

  • Modify computer's group attributes

    Manage group memberships such as add/remove to/from groups, set primary groups.

  • Create computers

    Multiple computer account creation in bulk

  • Create groups

    Single or multiple group creation

  • Delete groups

    Single or multiple group creation

  • Move groups

    Move groups to different Organizational Units (OUs)

  • Modify groups

    Group attributes modification in bulk 

  • Modify group exchange attributes

    Exchange attributes modification such as Receiving Message Size and more

  • Modify group organization attributes

    Manage organization attributes such as Email, MemberOf, and more

  • Create contact

    Single or multiple contacts creation 

  • Delete contact

    Clean-up of contacts made easy 

  • Modify bulk contacts

    Manage contact attributes in bulk

  • Modify contact attributes

    Manage contact attributes such as telephone number, email, and more

  • Move contacts

    Move contacts to different container

  • Contact creation templates

    Create contacts with customized attributes

  • Create OU

    Single or multiple OUs creation 

  • Delete OU

    Single or bulk OUs can be deleted in a single action

  • Modify OU

    OUs can be modified single or in bulk

  • Move OU

    Move OUs across locations in one go

  • OU creation templates

    Configure attributes based on the organization's needs making OU creation simpler

  • Create and Modify OUs using CSV

    Import a CSV file to create and modify OUs in a single step

  • Modify NTFS Permissions

    Allow or deny permissions for users on NTFS share

  • Remove NTFS Permissions

    Remove the allow or deny permissions for users on NTFS share

  • Modify Share Permissions

    Allow or deny permissions for users on a share

  • Remove Share Permissions

    Remove the allow or deny permissions for users on a share

  • Manage File servers

    Add or remove file servers in the domain

Highlights of ADManager Plus

  • GUI based actions

    Perform routine AD management actions that are otherwise cumbersome to perform using native tools and PowerShell scripting

  • Parallel provisioning

    Create user accounts in AD, Exchange, Office 365, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business in one go from a single window.

  • Workflow & automation

    Build a custom workflow structure that will help you in ticketing and compliance and automate routine AD tasks.

See how ADManager Plus simplifies routine Active Directory management activities!


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Trusted by over 180,000 organizations worldwide

  • AD Manager Plus has been able to resolve all the issues that we had, regarding tracking systems that are joined or removed from the domain that create bottleneck in our inventory management. After getting ADManager Plus we have an easy management of active directory, inventory and delegation of duties.

    - Abolaji Fatai Oyebo

    Head, Technology Infrastructure at First City Monument Bank

  • ADManager's reporting has helped me out the most. With its useful reports, we can take some of the edge off SOX compliance. With ADManager, I can run reports to make sure that we are staying within the compliance guidelines between audits. Since the purchase of ADManager, we have received good SOX reviews.

    - Brian Seka, MicroComputer Analyst, Marmon/Keystone Corporation.

    Marmon/Keystone Corporation - A Century of Service.

  • ADManager Plus became our final choice because of its price, ease of use, ease of implementation and much needed feature set. ADManager Plus allowed us to have more consolidated and centralized reporting across our diverse operating environment in regards to AD administration. The tool also allows us to delegate certain AD administration tasks more effectively and easily.

    - Jason A. Kinder, Director - IT

    DRS Defense Solutions

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