Checksum verification

You can verify the authenticity of the downloaded agent with SHA256 checksum validation. This ensures that the downloaded agent is credible and is not tampered with by any malicious code or software. For the .NET agent, you can use CertUtil or Get-FileHash to compute a file hash for verifying the checksum with the agent checksum value. To verify the authenticity of the agent:

  1. To check via CertUtil, run the below command via PowerShell or Command Prompt to compute the hash.

    CertUtil -hashfile <Your_Agent_File_Name> SHA256

  2. On successful execution, you will get the following response:

    SHA256 hash of YOUR_FILENAME:
    CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

  3. To check via Get-FileHash, run the below given command via PowerShell to compute the hash.

    Get-FileHash <Your_Agent_File_Name> -Algorithm SHA256 | Format-List

  4. On successful execution, you will get the following response:

    Algorithm : SHA256
    Hash : 319FAC26E690DDAE59F6DE7C0600BCF7EC005820039E8DA86C7194D62935FB94
    Path : <Your_Agent_File_Name>

  5. After computing the hash, kindly verify with the checksum values given below.

    .NET agent : 2E98326BAF037FC4A56359A452AF10579B3C4945CD5817DCF1692AB8D27EA3DF
    .NET Core : 0C04DD25FB82E84D91D2713FC413600480BBA39B832DE0EB7AF573E51631383E

Verify the signature of your agent binaries

  1. Right-click on the agent file and select Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Digital Signatures tab in the Properties window.
  3. The signature will be shown here as seen in the image below: