APM Insight Node.js Agent - Release Notes

Node.js Version 4.3.0

Release Date:XX-04-2023

Issues fixed

  • Issue in ignoring http error code has been fixed.
  • Issue in docker container environment check has been fixed.
  • Trace was not captured for error transactions.

Node.js Version 4.2.0

Release Date: 21-03-2023

Issues fixed

  • The issue with the Hapi and Koa frameworks has been fixed.
  • The external call total count calculation issue in the service map has been fixed.

Node.js Version 4.0.0

Release Date: 31-10-2023


  • Support for various options to start the agent without modifying the user code. Refer to know more.

Node.js Version 3.1.2

Release Date: 25-08-2023


  • Reduced noise in your monitoring environment by excluding HTTP error codes like 400, 401, and 500 from monitoring.
  • Additional cloud-type detections, such as AWS (EKS, ECS, Fargate) and GCP, are supported for autoscaling.
  • Support for Elastic search.
  • Automatic detection of application port numbers is now supported if not specified in the configuration file.
  • Support for capturing IP address list.
  • Redis is now supported.
  • Supported frameworks - Hapi, Koa.
  • A new configuration, processManagerEnabled: true, has been added to the apminsightnode.json file for process management.
  • Support for Axios module.
  • Grouping of similar transactions is now supported.

Issues fixed

  • The data discrepancy between the overview and transaction pages has been resolved.
  • The issue with ignoring HTTP error codes has been fixed.
  • The issue with the skip transaction feature has been resolved.
  • The issue with the aggregated exception count and error count has been fixed.
  • An issue with capturing Bytes In and Bytes Out has been resolved.
  • The PM2 load balancer issue has been addressed.
  • The MySQL query issue has been resolved.

Node.js Version 2.2.2

Release Date: 02-02-2022

Issues fixed

  • There was an issue with data collection of Traces when the datatype of Emitter name was symbol.

Node.js Version 2.2.1

Release Date: 25-11-2021

Issues fixed

  • 'Top Error codes' and 'Transaction Split Up by Error Code' were missing data in the 'Exceptions' tab.
  • Validation for the application port is done.


  • Support for capturing external HTTP calls using 'request' module.
  • Support for providing application port (dynamic port) in the application start file.
  • Support for capturing Query Statement when the query is executed by pg-query-stream.
  • Support for providing License key, Agent Port, Host as environmental variables.
  • Security - Agent configuration initialization information moved to new file 'apminsightnode.json' instead of application startup file. Learn more
  • Support for capturing HTTP params.
  • Support for capturing HTTP Headers
  • Support for viewing the exact URL in 'Traces' tab.

Node.js Version 1.7.2

Release Date: 19-08-2020


  • Support for Oracle database instrumentation.
  • Support for Distributed Tracing.
  • Agent dependency package 'https-proxy-agent' updated to latest version.
  • Added custom parameters to trace.