APM Insight Ruby on Rails Agent

Applications Manager's Ruby agent deployed on a Rails platform gives you end-to-end web-transaction awareness enabling you to isolate performance issues and resolve them quickly.

Applications Manager requires a monitoring agent (ruby gem) to be deployed in your application server to monitor Ruby application performance. Download the latest Ruby Agent and deploy it in your application server. The agent collects application performance metrics and sends it to the central Applications Manager server at fixed intervals i.e. every 60 seconds.

Requirements: Ruby - 1.8.7 and above, Rails- 3.0 and above, Sinatra - 1.4.0 and above.

Frameworks supported: Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq, and ActiveRecord.

Ruby Agent Setup

Note: Do not install the APM Insight Agent along with other Application Performance Management (APM) tools. The APM Insight Agent installation may fail if there are other APM products installed in the same environment.

Agent Configurations


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